17 Jan 2011

Pop culture’s downward spiral

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Twunk, perusing Twitter: Hey, look at that. Trent Reznor won a Golden Globe.

20-year-old, questionably related: Who?

Twunk: Trent Reznor.

20-year-old, possibly adopted: Yeah, who’s that?

Twunk: Trent Reznor. Nine Inch Nails.

20-year-old, possibly newly-landed alien life form: Uh …

Twunk: How is it you know every indie band out of Brooklyn but Nine Inch Nails isn’t ringing any bells?

20-year-old, also perusing Twitter: Hey, Chris Colfer won a golden globe.

8 Oct 2010

The most important meal of the day

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Twunk has an egg, cheese, toast and coffee for breakfast.

Mom: How do you expect to lose weight, eating like that?

Twunk: I’m not trying to lose weight?

Mom: I thought you were.

Twunk: Nope.

Mom: But you have. I can see it.

Twunk: That was unexpected.

15 Sep 2010

Millions of peaches for free

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iTunes: “90s one-hit wonders — It’s the decade’s minutiae that captivate us; everybody remembers Clinton being impeached, but the Trivial Pursuit winner remembers the last guy impeached before him.”

Twunk: “Andrew Johnson.”


15 Sep 2010

That boy is a P-I-G pig.

September 15, 2010 Conversations with crazy people Comments Off

Twunked: “Animal House? Sweet!” (sits on couch.)

Dad: “You’re just in time. This is the best part.”

T-dub: “What are you talking about? The best part is the zit impression.”

T-dad: “And you say you don’t like comedy.”


T-dad: *laughs hysterically*

T-dad: “Now the movie’s over.”

(Just in case:


5 Apr 2010

Technological stagflation?

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Nicholas Carr suggested two years ago that Google is making us stupider; the extension of which is that we, the digital natives of the world, are less able to pay attention that we used to, as the machines are training us to think like them.

However, as I wrote about earlier, there are those that suggest we built the machines to fulfill an innate human need. Which would naturally imply the machines are in our image, not turning us into theirs.